1-4 September, 2017 - Gethsemani hosts the annual Come-and-See weekend




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The abbey was delighted this Labor Day Weekend to host a group of men interested in learning more about the monastic life. They came from diverse backgrounds and from as far away as New York and New Orleans.

They followed the monastic schedule, joining the community in choir for the Divine Office, and for the daily mass. They also joined us for the abbot's weekly chapter talk on Sunday morning.

Fr. Anton was their host, greeting them and generally answering their questions and seeing to their needs. He also led them on an extensive tour of the monastery on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, they joined with those in formation and a couple of other monks for a trip to the community hermitage, the one that was built for Thomas Merton. They shared their stories and asked the monks various questions. Snacks were available (fruitcake and fudge of course!) and the conversation was lively. Br. Conrad shared some of his monastic insights with them on Sunday morning.

We would be glad to see any of them again here at Gethsemani, but whatever their vocational journey, we hope that they remember their visit to our community with fondness. We certainly enjoyed having them as guests.