9-10 April, 2015 - Roger Lipsey gives us several conferences on Thomas Merton




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The monks of Gethsemani were pleased to welcome Roger Lipsey who conducted a series of conferences on Thomas Merton for the community.

Dr. Lipsey spoke about Thomas Merton's thought, his identity as a writer, and his activity as a visual artist, through the brush-and-ink images he produced in the last five or six years of his life.

Roger Lipsey is an accomplished author, having recently written the definitive biography of Dag Hammarskjöld, and an art historian. Many of his books focus on the intersection of art with spirituality, including Angelic Mistakes, his book on the art of Thomas Merton.

His most recent book is the forthcoming:
Make Peace Before the Sun Goes Down: The Long Encounter of Thomas Merton and His Abbot, James Fox.