11 February, 2018 - In pictures: Visitation to Miraflores, Chile


During the weekly chapter meeting, Dom Elias updated the community on his recent visitation to the Abadía Santa María de Miraflores in Rancagua, Chile. 

Since the Order of Cîteaux’s founding, abbots have been tasked with visiting their daughter houses regularly to report on them and offer support as needed. During his visit, Dom Elias snapped photos of the monastery, the community and much of the surrounding flora and fauna. In addition, he was present for an Angolan brother’s transfer of stability to Miraflores.

After a quick recap of his visit to Gethsemani’s South American brothers, Dom Elias showed a slideshow of the trip and we are pleased to share a few of the images here. Some photos were taken by Fr. Elias and others are courtesy of the Abbey of Miraflores.

Click on any photo to enlarge.