13 November, 2016 - Our first hard frost of the season




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Although the hills in our area of Kentucky did not suffer some of the extremes of heat felt in other parts of the world, autumn felt like it was a long time coming. It was still unseasonably warm well into October.

However, autumn did arrive in all its splendour, with its fresh air and brilliant colours.

Today, we experienced the first hard frost of the season. The morning temperature was well below freezing.


This marks the end of the cycle for many plants around the monastery. Most of the trees are now bare, only a few leaves still clinging to the dark branches. The marigolds have folded in on themselves and are turning a dusky brown.

For the monks, it marks the beginning of our "shipping season." We depend for our living on the orders that people make with us for our food products, and most of these happen over the next month or so.

We hope that you are enjoying the cool weather and wish you a safe and blessed November.



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