14 February, 2018 - Ash Wednesday

Per custom, monks receive ashes on the crown rather than the forehead. Click to enlarge.


The life of a monk ought to be a continuous Lent. Since few, however have the strength for this, we urge the entire community during these days of Lent to keep its manner of life most pure and to wash away in this holy season the negligences of other times…. In other words, let each one deny himself some food, drink, sleep, needless talking and idle jesting, and look forward to holy Easter with joy and spiritual longing. – Rule of St. Benedict, Ch. 49


Today, the monks of Gethsemani enter the Lenten season with ashes on their heads and a dinner of bread and water. On Sunday, Feb. 18, the abbot will distribute each monk’s book for Lenten reading. In addition to these traditional observances, the community will again take up lectio divina in common in the scriptorium.


The community wishes all a grace-filled Lent.