17 July, 2020 - Community re-elects Dom Elias as abbot



  2020 07 17 abbot 08 med 

Dom Elias speaks to his brothers who elected him. Click to enlarge.


The Conventual Chapter re-elected Dom Elias Dietz as abbot on July 11, the Feast of St. Benedict. Thus, he began his third six-year term as abbot of Gethsemani Abbey.

The installation took place that evening before Vespers. After an introductory statement by the Father Immediate, Dom Mark Scott of New Melleray, the prior Fr. Michael rea aloud the second chapter of St. Benedict's Rule: "On the Qualities an Abbot Should Have."



  2020 07 17 abbot 03 sm 

A monk casts his vote. Click to enlarge.


Dom Elias then made a confession of faith and was ceremonially presented with his three symbols of office: the pectoral cross, the abbey keys and the abbey seal.

All the professed monks renewed their vows of obedience; the novices and postulant offerend him their congratulations.

After Vespers, a celebratory supper was held in the refectory.


Dom Elias' term technically should have ended in April, but the election was postponed due to the pandemic. As there were no cases of the virus at New Melleray nor at Gethsemani, and both communities have been quarantined, it was deemed safe for Dom Mark to come preside at the election.

Please pray for Dom Elias as he continues his ministry to the community.


  2020 07 17 abbot 04 sm 

Dom Mark Scott, Father Immediate, presides at the election. Click to enlarge.


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The Conventual Chapter gathers for the election. Click to enlarge.