17 March, 2019 - Notre Dame Folk Choir visits Gethsemani



  2019 03 17 ndchoir 01 sm 

The choir sings Locus Iste after Holy Communion.

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The University of Notre Dame Folk Choir paid a visit to the Abbey the weekend of March 17, and sang a post-Communion meditation at Sunday Mass.

The piece was a beautiful rendition of Anton Bruckner's motet "Locus Iste." The incipit, or opening phrase, "Locus iste a Deo factus est" translates as "This place was made by God."

The Notre Dame Folk Choir has a long relationship with Gethsemani. Many pieces by the late Fr. Chrysogonous Waddell are in the choir's repertoire.

On Saturday evening, the choir paid a visit to Fr. Chrysogonous' grave and sang one his pieces: Rosa Mystica.

Thank you to the Notre Dame Folk Choir and its director Dr. J.J. Wright for the visit and moving addition to the monastery's liturgy. 


  2019 03 17 ndchoir 02 sm 

Notre Dame students sing one of Fr. Chrysogonous' songs at his grave.

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