18 August, 2019 - St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral celebrates 200 years



  2019 08 18 protocathedral 01 med 

Group photo at the basilica's bicentennial Mass. 

Photo courtesy of David Asher Photography for St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral. Click to enlarge.



  2019 08 18 protocathedral 02 sm 

Dom Elias distributes the precious blood during communion. Click to enlarge.


Dom Elias recently concelebrated Mass with an archbishop, three bishops and more than a dozen other fellow priests at St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral in nearby Bardstown, Ky. The Aug. 18 Mass and parish picnic was the culmination of a year of events celebrating the basilica's 200th anniversary.

Fr. Alan and Br. Matthias joined the abbot for the occasion.


About 12 miles north of Gethsemani, St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral was the first cathedral west of the Allegheny Mountains and is a national landmark.

When the church was built in 1819, the diocese of Bardstown covered almost the entire Northwest Territory, south to New Orleans and as far north as Detroit.

The Episcopal See was moved to Louisville in 1841 and St. Joseph's has since served as a parish church.

May the Lord continue to bless the people of Bardstown and the parishioners of St. Joseph for years to come!


  2019 08 18 protocathedral 03 sm 

The concelebrants walk together outside St. Joseph Proto Cathedral. Photo courtesy of David Asher Photography for St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral. Click to enlarge.