20-27 January 2019 - Dom Wiseman leads annual retreat



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After the holiday rush was over, and the last Christmas fruitcake was out the door, the community took its annual one-week retreat.

The week, for most of the monks, was spent in reflection, reading and rest. Each day began and ended with a talk by the visiting retreat master. This helped to set the tone and provided matter for reflection throughout the day.

This year, the monks were very pleased that Dom James Wiseman, OSB, agreed to lead the retreat. His talks covered a wide variety of topics, filled with real-world anecdotes and references from a multitude of texts. One memorable takeaway: "If no one asks you for your help, you might want to reflect on what that says about you."


Dom Wiseman is abbot of St. Anselm's Abbey in Washington, D.C. He taught for many years at Catholic University of America.

Dom Wiseman is also a native of nearby Louisville and has visited the abbey multiple times before, including a visit for one of the Gethsemani Encounter events during his work with Monastic Interreligious Dialogue.

Thank you to Dom Wiseman for your insights and your time spent with us at Gethsemani.


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