23-24 August, 2016 - Fr. David Songy, OFM Cap, talks to us about celibacy




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As part of our ongoing education here at the Abbey of Gethsemani, it is our pleasure to welcome teachers and speakers who are experts in their field.

Fr. David Songy, OFM Cap, has been working in the field of priestly celibacy for many years. He shared his insights and his thoughts on monastic celibacy as it relates to the Cistercian charism with us over a series of conferences.

We were grateful to have the opportunity to reflect on our call to celibacy. We all need reminding from time to time of its centrality to our vocation and its role in our relationships to God, to the Church and to each other.


Fr. David is the head of St. Luke's Institute, which is a treatment centre for religious. It's headquarters are in Maryland, and it has branches in England, St. Louis MO, and nearby in Louisville.

He has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Denver and a doctorate in sacred theology from the Teresianum, the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality in Rome. He is the Author of the book Spiritual Direction for Priestly Celibacy.