25 December, 2016 - We celebrate Christmas




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At 11:30 P.M. on Saturday the 24th of December, the Abbey bells rang our for Christmas vigils.

The monks rose from their beds to celebrate the coming of the Lord to this earth. We were all cheered by the wonderful decorations arranged by our Br. Paul.

At the conclusion of the service, the church swelled with the quiet sound of "Silent Night, Holy Night."


The following day, we celebrated the Christmas day mass, with the same joy we celebrated vigils the night before.

The day itself was unseasonably warm, and a thick fog settled over the monastery which persisted all day, as you can see from the picture below.

The fog lent an aura of mystery 
and silence which seemed to fit
the mood of the day perfectly.



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Studete humilitati, quae fundamentum est custosque virtutum: sectamini illam, quae sola potest salvare animas vestras. Quid enim magis indignum, quid detestandum amplius, quid gravius puniendum, quam ut, videns Deum coeli parvulum factum, ultra apponat homo magnificare se super terram?

 Bernard of Clairvaux, The Nativity of the Lord, Sermon 1.1

Be eager for humility, which is the foundation and guard of virtue. Seek it, which alone can save our souls. What greater indignity is there, what is more detestable, what is more seriously culpable than that, after seeing the Lord of heaven become a little child, anyone could dare to glorify themselves on earth?



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