26-28 April, 2019 - Benedictine novices visit Gethsemani



  2019 04 28 meinrad novices 01 med 

Per tradition, the novices' visit included a gathering at Thomas Merton's hermitage. Click to enlarge.



  2019 04 28 meinrad novices 02sm 

Fr. Guerric, OSB, St. Meinrad Novice Director shares his story with Gethsemani Undermaster Br. Abel (left) and Novice Christian (right). Click to enlarge.


Just a few weeks after Gethsemani's novitiate trip to St. Meinrad, the roles were reversed.

Gethsemani's novitiate hosted St. Meinrad's novices Christian and Dennis for a weekend of prayer and sharing on April 26 through April 28.

The visit offered our Benedictine brothers a glimpse of how the Rule of St. Benedict (our shared patrimony) is lived within the Cistercian tradition at Getshemani.



In addition to touring the grounds, sharing in the liturgy and simply soaking up the ambience, the St. Meinrad novices joined the Gethsemani novitiate for an afternoon at Thomas Merton's hermitage. There they shared their stories and experiences.

St. Meinrad's novices have made an annual visit to Gethsemani for decades, a tradition that has been fruitful for both monastic houses. We hope they enjoyed their stay as much as we enjoyed hosting them!


  2019 04 28 meinrad novices 03sm 

Gethsemani Novicemaster Fr. Lawrence (right) has a chat with St. Meinrad Novice Dennis. Click to enlarge.


  2019 04 28 meinrad novices 04 med 

The visit offered an opportunity for the brothers to share their vocation stories (as well as some fruitcake and fudge!). Click to enlarge.