26 May, 2019 - Father Immediate pays a visit



  2019 05 26 mark visit sm 

Dom Mark addresses the community during the Sunday Chapter meeting. Click to enlarge.




Dom Mark Scott spent a couple of days at Gethsemani on his way to Assumption Abbey in Missouri. Dom Mark is abbot of New Melleray Abbey and therefore Father Immediate of Gethsemani.

Originally from New Clairvaux, Dom Mark also lived at Gethsemani for a time.

As Father Immediate, Dom Mark conducts the community's regular visitation every two years - a community check-up of sorts that has been a distinguishing characteristic of the Cistercian Order for centuries.

This visit was an unofficial pit stop on Dom Mark's drive to Ava - a former OCSO monastery which recently transitioned to the Order of Cistercians (OCist).

In addition to offering a little rest on his journey, the visit was also an opportunity for the monks to hear some updates on the monks at the motherhouse and at Ava. Dom Mark was also kind enough to make time for any brothers who wished to meet with him.

Thank you to Dom Mark. We look forward to seeing you again in a few months!