27 March, 2016 - Χριστὸς ἀνέστη - Christ has Risen!






We wish you a joyful Easter season.


From Aelred of Rievaulx's second Sermon on Easter (Sermon 12.25):

...ut faciat opus misericordiae suae, suscepit fermentum mortalitatis nostrae, quod sine dubio erat alienum a puritate divinitatis suae. Venit tandem tempus, quando voluit auferre a seipso istud fermentum, adhibuit ignem, id est passionem. In passione sua periit totum illud fermentum, omnis corruptio, omnis mortalitas; et surrexit hodie de terra panis azymus, panis purus.

So that he might accomplish his work of mercy, he accepted the leaven of our mortality, which was, without question, alien to the purity of his divinity. When the time came at last that he wished to remove this leaven from himself, he used fire, that is to say, his passion. In his passion, all of that leaven was destroyed, all corruption, all mortality. And today he rose from the earth, unleavened bread, pure bread.