27 November, 2016 - A blessed Advent season to all




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We at Gethsemani want to wish everyone a very blessed Advent season. 


... creber est ad unumquemque iste Domini adventus, hoc tempore medio ... conformans nos adventui primo, et praeparans novissimo ... Hoc siquidem adventu satagit reformare sensum superbiae nostrae, configuratum sensui humilitatis suae, quam primo veniens exhibuit; ut perinde reformet corpus humilitatis nostrae, configuratum corpori claritatis suae, quam denuo rediens exhibebit. 

- Bl. Guerric of Igny, Advent Sermon II

  Frequently the Lord comes to us in this middle time...conforming us to the first advent and preparing us for the one to come... In this coming, he earnestly works to reform our spirit of pride, so that we might be configured to his spirit of humility, which he demonstrated in his first coming, and so that he might reform our lowly body, configuring it to his glorious body, which he will show when he comes again.