26-28 May, 2017 - The novices host the novitiate from St. Meinrad




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l-r: Br. Abel, Novice Joseph, Br. Lorenzo, Br. Joseph, Postulant Allen




The community was pleased to welcome visitors from St. Meinrad to our abbey on the weekend of the 26-28th of May.

It has become a happy tradition for the novices from St. Meinrad to visit Gethsemani each year. In return, the Gethsemani novices visit St. Meinrad once every two years (since our novitiate lasts for two years, while St. Meinrad's lasts for one). 

You might think that a monk would feel that visiting another monastery is rather like the bus-driver's holiday. But in our experience, seeing how another monastery lives and works is fascinating and leads us often to appreciate our own monastic life more thoroughly.

We welcomed Novice Joseph but also Br. Lorenzo who is simply professed, but was unable to attend when his fellow novices visited a few years ago. As usual, Fr. Guerric, the novice / junior director at St. Meinrad's accompanied them.

Gethsemani is very happy with our neighbourly relationship with St. Meinrad's. It is the closest monastery to us, only 2 hours drive away. St. Meinrad's encompasses a seminary and several of our priests studied there in preparation for ordination. In fact, one of our brothers is currently studying there part-time.

We ask for your prayers both for their monks in formation and ours as they continue to walk in the path they have been called to by God.



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Fr. Guerric, center