29 November, 2019 - Abbey partners with Kentucky Nature Preserves



  11 29 2019 Natural Area Agreement 2 med 

One of the pockets of land included in the Abbey's Registered Natural Area. Click to enlarge.


"The brothers are to be concerned about conservation of the environment and to manage natural resources prudently."

- OCSO Constutitions and Statutes



  11 29 2019 Natural Area Agreement med 

Dom Elias and Zeb Weese of Kentucky Nature Preserves signed the agreement on Nov. 20.

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When Europeans first settled in Kentucky, much of the land was known as "barrens," a somewhat misleading name for native prairie grasslands that were home to a diversity of plant and animal species. Much of the landscape has since changed, but the Abbey of Gethsemani still retains some parcels of these natural areas.

On Nov. 20, Dom Elias officially established those grasslands and glades as a Registered Natural Area with the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves. Zeb Weese, Executive Director of the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves also signed the agreement.

Placing the areas on the Kentucky Registry of Natural Areas involves neither a change in ownership nor regulatory limitations. Rather it is an agreement that the abbey will not purposefuly alter those areas in ways detrimental to their ecology and to keep Kentucky Nature Preserves up-to-date on any situations that might affect those areas.

In turn, Kentucky Nature Preserves will help advise and manage those habitats.