4 October, 2015 - Br. Matthew makes his simple profession.




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This Sunday, the community of Gethsemani had the pleasure of witnessing the first profession of our Br. Matthew Hogue.

This is a major step in monastic life. Br. Matthew has taken the monastic vows of stability, obedience and conversion of manner for a period of one year.

These are the same vows which all the monks here at Gethsemani live under.


During the ceremony, which is held in the chapter room, Fr. Elias addressed his chapter talk to Br. Matthew (above). Then Br. Matthew read out his vows, signed them and handed them to the abbot. He then received the black scapular, the sign of the professed, and was given a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict (right).

Please join with us in praying for Br. Matthew's deepening journey toward God.




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