7 April, 2019 - Novitiate visits St. Meinrad Archabbey




(Left to right) Novice Dennis, OSB, Br. Lazarus and Novice Christian, OSB, pose

for a group photo before the archabbey's Black Madonna statue. Click to enlarge.




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Our novice Br. Lazarus and novice master Fr. Lawrence visited St. Meinrad Archabbey for a weekend.

Located only a two-hour drive west of Gethsemani in Indiana, St. Meinrad's is a monastery of the Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation.

The trip was part of a long-standing tradition in which Gethsemani's novices and those of St. Meinrad get a glimpse of how the other community lives out the Rule of St. Benedict.


The Gethsemani novitiate arrived before Vespers on April 3 and returned after Mass on April 7.

While there, our novice had time to get to know St. Meinrad's novices Dennis and Christian, many of the community's juniors and even monks from other communities currently living and studying at the Archabbey's seminary.



Br. Gregory, OSB and Br. Lazarus have a chat

in St. Meinrad's Chapter Room. Click to enlarge.




Br. Stanley, OSB gives Br. Lazarus a tour of the

archabbey archives. Click to enlarge.


One of those student monks, Br. Peter of St. Gregory's Abbey in Oklahoma, gave a tour of the Archabbey's seminary, Chapter Room and other places of interest.

In addition to touring the monastery and getting to know their monks in formation, our brothers shared in their beautifully celebrated liturgy.

On Saturday afternoon, they also enjoyed a Lenten sacred music concert in the abbatial church, performed by Elevare, a talented ensemble from Nashville.


Thank you to the brothers at St. Meinrad for their warm and generous hospitality. We look forward to hosting their novitiate at Gethsemani again soon!



Elevare performs a lenten concert in the abbatial church.

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