7 June, 2015 - Former Archbishop Rowan Williams and Fr. Michael Casey address the community




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On Sunday evening, the 7th of June, the community of Gethsemani along with the visiting juniors, had the extraordinary pleasure of attending a special joint presentation by Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO, the well-known author of many books on Cistercian spirituality, and the former Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Fr. Rowan Williams.

They each gave a short talk on their vision of the future of monasticism, then answered questions from the community.

Fr. Michael Casey was at Gethsemani as the presenter at this year's Junior Conference.


Fr. Rowan Williams was visiting Louisville as part of the International Thomas Merton Society conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Merton.

He had not had the opportunity to visit Gethsemani, and expressed an interest which was gladly accomodated.

The community was honoured to host such a prestigious guest.



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You will be happy to know that both Fr. Rowan and Fr. Michael thought that monasticism did indeed have a future.

 The event was particularly propitious in that Gethsemani was hosting the Junior Conference this year, which brings together the simply professed from the whole region. They were able to join the community in attending this extraordinary event.



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