8-18 June 2016 - The Central Commission of the Order meets at Roscrea in Ireland




The library at Roscrea where the meetings were held.

The delegates wear headphones to hear the simultaneous translations
from translators in the booths at the back of the room. Fr. Elias is seated at the far right.

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Members of the commission participate in the liturgy. Br. Gregory is fourth face from the left, and Fr. Elias is second from the left.

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Every three years, the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance holds a General Chapter at which all the superiors of all the abbeys worldwide gather to discuss the business of the Order.

In preparation for this, each region holds a meeting to articulate the concerns it feels ought to be addressed at the upcoming Chapter.

Each region then elects a delegate from among its members to attend the Central Commission whose job it is to prepare the actual agenda for the next General Chapter.

This year, the Central Commission met at Roscrea Abbey, in Ireland.


Gethsemani was represented not by one, but by three members.

Fr. Elias was the delegate to the Commission elected by the Regional meeting held at Gethsemani in February.

Fr. Timothy, our former abbot, is the Procurator General of the Order currently residing in Rome, and attended as a member of the Abbot General's council.

And finally, Br. Gregory was asked to assist with translation duties. There are three official languages of the Order, and at all international meetings, simultaneous translations from one to the other are provided. Br. Gregory translated from Spanish to English.



Fr. Elias confers with Fr. Simeon of Spencer Abbey, while Fr. William, also from Spencer, browses the shelves behind them.

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