8 July, 2018 - Fr. George visits from Chile

2018 07 08 frgeorge medOn the right, Fr. George speaks with Gethsemani's Fr. James after Sunday Chapter. Frs. James and George were both novices together at Gethsemani. Click to enlarge.


Fr. George Peterson, a monk of Miraflores Abbey in Chile, recently spent a few days at the abbey. His visit was part of a three-week trip to the United States, primarily to visit with family.  

Hailing from nearby Loretto, Ky., Fr. George (also known as Fr. Jorge) spent his first 16 years of monastic life at Gethsemani. He later transferred stability to Miraflores, where he has been a monk ever since. In addition, Fr. George has served as a chaplain for the Trappistine monastery of Quilvo in Chile since 2005.