9 March, 2018 - Spring arrives at the monastery

Daffodils bloom outside the Shops Building within the enclosure. Click to enlarge.


Newspapers reported that the groundhog saw his shadow last month: Kentucky didn’t get the memo. For the last few weeks, the earth has been springing to life around the abbey. First came the crocuses, then the daffodils and hyacinths began blooming on the monastery grounds.

In turn, the brothers have begun more outdoor work. The novices have cleaned out the goldfish pond, trimmed hedges and pruned trees. Meanwhile, some brothers have sown seeds indoors so they can be transplanted into the vegetable garden after the danger of frost is past.

Now halfway through the Lenten journey, it seems all of creation is preparing to celebrate the great dawn of Easter.

Fun fact: The word “Lent” originally stems from a Germanic word meaning “Spring.”