31 July, 2020 - Brs. Abel, Joseph renew simple vows



  2018 08 05 profession 02 sm 

Brothers Joseph (left) and Abel at their simple profession in August 2018. They both renewed their vows in August this year.

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Brothers Abel and Joseph, junior monks, renewed their simple vows on July 26. This marks the beginning of their third year in the juniorate, also known as the monasticate.

After a six-month postulancy and two years in the novitiate, monks and nuns become juniors through temporary vows of stability, obedience and conversationem morem (fidelity to the monastic way of life).

As laid out by the Order's Constitutions, juniors undertake these obligations for either a three-year period or three perioeds of one year before taking solemn, lifelong vows. At Gethsemani, brothers usually do the latter and renew them annually.

Brs. Abel and Joseph are two of Gethsemani's four juniors. Br. Matthias, the most senior of the group, renewed his vows on May 17. Br. Lazarus, the most junior of the juniors, is still in his first year of the monasticate.

In addition to the community's four juniors, Gethsemani is blessed to have three novices and a postulant in formation. Please pray for our brothers and all the Order's monks and nuns in formation as they discern God's call.