We pray Liturgy of the Hours:

Vigils, Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline are the seven “hours” of the liturgy of the hours or opus Dei (work of God) as St. Benedict called it in his Rule. The backbone of these services is the 150 psalms, sung or recited according to a two-week cycle. At each hour there is also a hymn, reading from Scripture, prayer of the day and commemoration of Our Lady.

The monks and others who pray the liturgy of the hours do so on behalf of the Church, and of all humankind, to praise, thank and petition God throughout the day. Guests are welcome to join us for any of these services as well as for the community Mass.


We do Reading and Individual Prayer:

Besides the liturgy of the hours, the typical prayer of the monk or nun is lectio divina (divine or holy reading). It consists of a reading ordered to prayer. Usually, scripture forms the basis for reading. A bit of the text is read, then reflected on in order to grasp its meaning in itself and its meaning for us. This leads naturally to prayer.

At times, the monk is led to rest in God’s loving presence with few or no words. Such reading allows the brother or sister to spend time with God and builds up the habit of doing so. It nourishes faith in such a way that they come to see and value things as God does and to live from this vision.


       Monk through grill


We do Work and Provide Service:

We earn our living by making fruitcake and bourbon fudge. The community has to be fed, clothed, housed. The needs of the guests   are cared for. Newcomers to the community must be initiated into monastic living.

Those with particular talents will probably have a chance to use them. Work is seen as service and preference is given work favorable to prayer.