December, 2014 - Shipping Season




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The season of Advent at Gethsemani also marks our shipping season. It is the time of year when the products we have been making throughout the year are shipped to the kind people who have given our fruitcake, fudge and cheese to family and friends as gifts for Christmas.


All of the monks not working in essential areas, such as the kitchen, gather in the shipping area to pack and label each box in readiness to be loaded into trucks from the post office and UPS to be delivered to your door.

Thanks to the generosity of all the members of the community, everything somehow comes together, and all the orders are shipped in time for Christmas.



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 The Rule of St. Benedict says "They are true monks if they live by the labour of their own hands," (48:8) and the Cistercian order has always taken this exhortation to heart.

At Gethsemani we are pleased that our food treats will be enjoyed by many through this holiday season.