6 January 2016 - Dr. Justin Klassen speaks to the community about secularism.




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Charles Taylor is a Canadian philospher who has reflected on the historical and social aspects of today's world. His book, A Secular Age, has been widely influential in how to approach the western world's move toward secularism and away from organized religion.

We were fortunate to have an expert on Charles Taylor, Dr. Justin Klassen, from the Bellarmine University, speak to us about the thought of Charles Taylor.

Dr. Klassen has edited (with Carlos D. Colorado) and contributed to a major work on Charles Taylor, Aspiring to Fullness in a Secular Age: Essays on Religion and Theology in the Work of Charles Taylor, published by the University of Notre Dame Press.


Dr. Klassen is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Bellarmine University and Interim Director of the Master of Arts in Spirituality program.

Aside from his work on Charles Taylor, he has published a book, The Paradox of Hope: Theology and the Problem of Nihilism, published by Cascade Books.




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