October 2018 - Novices




We are fortunate at Gethsemani to have had just recently three articulate and engaging novices. Two of these have since moved on to the juniorate (Br. Abel and Br. Joseph) and we have received a new postulant, but at the time the video was being shot, Br. Joseph, Br. Lazarus and Br. Abel comprised our novitiate.

In this little film, the novices share their monastic day, what they specifically do in the routine here at Gethsemani, and they share their thoughts on monastic life as it is lived here. Each has his own perspective, but it is remarkable how much their reflections on their life at Gethsemani complement one another.

We hope you enjoy this little movie and we are grateful to Brothers Joseph, Lazarus and Abel for sharing what their life is like here and how they view what is important about monastic life as lived on a day-to-day basis.