Our retreat house is closed from 6 November through to the 23 March, 2018




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Our retreat house is under renovation. The heat and water lines are receiving a much-needed upgrade, and other smaller fixes are being carried out to allow our retreat house to serve those who visit us for many years to come.

During this time we will not be able to welcome visitors in this area.


However, there are about a dozen rooms still available for men only. Unfortunately, these rooms are not suitable for women because of the lack of proper separation from the monks' enclosure. Also, there is only one shared bathroom and shower facility on each floor, and they are geared for the use of men. We apologize to the women who would otherwise wish to make a retreat during this time.

The "south wing" rooms are not accessible by wheelchair or elevator, so retreatants must walk up several flights of stairs. The entrance to this area is through the church balcony. There is also no air-conditioning in this part of the house, though this probably will not be a problem during the time the main retreat house is closed.

We look forward to welcoming all retreatants at the end of March.



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